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The Ryanair Group connection with Boeing goes back 29 years to 1994 when €30 million was invested and subsequently the carrier was relaunched with new management as Europe’s first Low cost carrier (LCC), adopting elements of strategy of Southwest Airlines including a single aircraft Boeing 737-200ADV in 130 economy class seat layout replacing Bac1-11s, operating 25 minute turnarounds on point to point routes from Dublin Airport and London Stansted bases.

The Boeing 737-200s laid the foundations for profitable growth and European expansion with carrier placing its first Boeing order in March 1998. Ryanair announced an purchase agreement for 45 Boeing 737-800s including 25 orders and 20 options creating new opportunities for significant growth across Europe.

The Ryanair Group announced 9 May 2023 an order for 300 new Boeing 737-MAX-10 aircraft (150 firm and 150 options) for delivery between 2027 to 2033, when formally finalised later this year and subject to all options being exercised, the transaction is valued at over $40bn at current list prices and is the largest order ever placed by an Irish Company for US manufactured goods.

Today Ryanair Group operates a fleet of over 524 Boeing 737s in Buzz , Malta Air, Ryanair DAC and Ryanair UK. To date over 113 Boeing 737-8200 MAX aircraft have been delivered.

Ryanair has operated six Boeing 737 type series since 1994: Boeing 737-200ADV, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400 (Leased), Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-8200.

Ryanair Boeing 737 Cumulative orders and deliveries 1,089 + aircraft.

Ryanair has been a CFM customer since 1998, operating the largest fleet largest CFM56-7B-powered Boeing Next-Generation 737 fleet in Europe.

The Ryanair Group currently operates a fleet of 104 CFM LEAP-1B powered 737-8-200 aircraft.

May 2023: Ryanair announces biggest purchase agreement in its history for 300 Boeing 737 MAX 10 aircraft includes a 150 firm order and 150 options.

April 2023: 100th B737 MAX Delivered to Ryanair Group registered EI-IGW. First Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 8200 delivered to Shannon registered EI-IGM.

November 2022: Ryanair Group announces plan to retrofit B737NG fleet with spilt scimitar winglets.

November 2021: First Boeing 737 MAX 8200 delivered to Buzz, registered SP-RZA.

July 2021: First Boeing 737 MAX 8200 delivered to Malta Air, registered 9H-VUE.

June 2021: First Boeing 737 MAX 8200 delivered registered EI-HEN to Ryanair DAC.

December 2020: Ryanair places a firm order for 75 additional 737 MAX 8200 aircraft increasing its order book to 210 units.

December 2018: Ryanair receives last Boeing 737NG registered EI-GXN.

April 2018: Ryanair exercises 25 Boeing 737-8200 options increasing firm order to 135 units.

June 2017: Boeing, Ryanair Finalize Order for 10 Additional 737 MAXs at Paris Air Show, carrier has 110 unfilled orders with 100 options.

March 2017: Boeing, Ryanair Celebrate  Delivery of Airline’s 450th Next-Generation 737-800.

April 2016: Boeing, Ryanair Celebrate Milestone Delivery of Airline’s 400th Next-Generation 737-800.

November 2015: Boeing, Ryanair Celebrate Milestone 375th Next-Generation 737-800 Delivery.

March 2015: Ryanair Announce Order for Three Additional Next-Generation 737-800s

December 2014: Boeing, Ryanair Finalize Order for 100 737 MAX 200s,  includes options for 100 additional 737 MAX 200 aircraft.

September 2014: September 2014: Boeing Launches 737 MAX 200 with Ryanair, with commitment for 100 aircraft valued at $11 billion at current list prices, has options to purchase another 100 737 MAX 200s.

April 2014: Boeing, Ryanair Announce Order for Five Next-Generation 737s. The carrier is the world’s largest 737-800 customer, with orders placed for 528 of the type to date.

March 2014: Boeing, Ryanair Showcase new Strong, Colorful Partnership, EI-DCL Boeing 737-800.

June 2013: Boeing and Ryanair finalized a firm order for 175 Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft.

February 2011: Boeing Delivers Ryanair’s 300th 737-800.

October 2007: Ryanair, took delivery on October 26 of its 150th Boeing Next-Generation 737-800.

May 2007: Ryanair Orders 27 Boeing Next-Generation 737s, brings  total order book for 737-800s to 308.

September 2006: Ryanair Agree to Order for 32 Additional 737-800s. To date has ordered 281 737-800s.

July 2006: Ryanair Announce Order for 10 Next-Generation 737s.

March 2006: Boeing Delivers 100th Next-Generation 737 to Ryanair.

October 2005: Ryanair ordered an additional nine new Next-Generation 737-800s, exercising options from a previous agreement,  it now has 239 737s on firm order with an additional 179 options.

June 2005: Ryanair Exercises Options for Five Boeing Next-Generation 737-800s,  230 Boeing 737s on firm order.

May 2005: Boeing and Ryanair Complete Agreement for 140 Boeing 737-800s.

February 2005:  Boeing Confirms Deal with Ryanair for up to 140 Next-Generation 737s 70 firm and 70 options.

October 2004: Boeing, Ryanair Celebrate Delivery of Next-Gen 737 with New Paint Design.

September 2004: Boeing and Ryanair Mark Delivery of both the 800th and the 801st Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft.

January 2004: Ryanair orders two more Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 jetliners for its burgeoning fleet.

January 2003: Ryanair orders an additional 22 Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft and  taken options on 78 more. Ryanair now has ordered more Boeing 737s during a one-year period than any other airline.

January 2002: Ryanair orders 100 Boeing 737-800 aircraft plus 50 options.

March 1999: First Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS delivered registered EI-CSA.

March 1998: Ryanair announce purchase agreement for 45 Boeing 737-800s including 25 orders and 20 options.

January 1998: Ryanair’s 21st Boeing 737-200ADV delivery registered EI-CON.

March 1999: Ryanair takes delivery of first Boeing 737-800 registered EI-CSA.

January 1994: Ryanair leases first Boeing 737-200ADV registered EI-CJC.

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