EI-HAW Boeing 737-8200 Ryanair (1)

Ryanair Group has expanded Boeing 737 MAX base operations across Europe from new delivery stream , basing three new aircraft in Birmingham and a single aircraft in Porto, as of 2 July 119 aircraft delivered to group carriers Buzz, Malta Air and Ryanair DAC.

Ryanair Group operates a fleet of 588 aircraft, Dublin based Ryanair DAC is group largest 737 MAX operator 77 aircraft, proceeded by Malta Air 33 aircraft and Buzz 13 aircraft, according to Planespotters.net a a further five expected  in coming weeks as part of unfilled order of 91 aircraft due for delivery in FY24 and FY25.

EI-IHB Boeing 737-8200 msn 67082 Ryanair 25 June positioned Shannon-Porto operating first base service same day to Palma as RYR6750/1.

EI-HMX Boeing 737-8200 msn 65893 Ryanair 24 June operated London Stansted-Girona-Birmingham, operating first base service to Warsaw Modlin RYR8083/4.

EI-IFT  Boeing 737-8200 msn 67132 Ryanair 22 June operated Dublin-Birmingham RYR664, operating first base service to Las Palmas RYR1128/9, returning to Dublin 29 June as RYR665, replaced by EI-IGX.

EI-IFW Boeing 737-8200 msn 62344 Ryanair 1 June operated Dublin-Birmingham RYR660, operating first base service to Murcia RYR2154/5.

EI-IGX Boeing 737-8200 msn 67076 Ryanair 30 June operated Dublin-Birmingham RYR668, operating first base service next day to Fuerteventura RYR3247/8.

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