The European Aviation Wellbeing Conference 2022 will gather Aviation industry professionals across all sectors, roles and levels to bring a unique insight into the human challenges and opportunities of our unique environment, next Friday 21st October at Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport.

The focus of the Conference will be to dissect, explore and understand the practical side of wellbeing, which is still not fully understood and perceived as a complex concept by many. The sessions include individual influencing the organization, the organization influencing the individual, the environment influencing the individual and organization. The Conference will offer a uniquely interactive platform where guest, speakers and attendees will become “As-One”.

EAWC Founder Valentina Fitzpatrick, said “We hold a strong belief that only from personal experience in the industry and a deep understanding of our specific environment, we can bring solutions that are practical and sustainable and that matches the daily challenges of our people. Only through collective cooperation we can influence sustainable positive change across all sectors, touching organisations and individuals.”

The conference is aimed at Aviation industry professionals in active roles, Organisations and leadership across all aviation sectors, EASA, IAA, CAA, JAA Government, UN & Policy Makers and 3rd level institutions ,Training academies, Flight schools, Researchers, CRM and TRM.

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