Vienna Airport celebrated 70 years of its existence at a ceremony, inviting more than 1100 guests from politics, business and tourism sectors. From a small airport with 64,000 passengers in its first year, has now developed into an international hub with around 30 million passengers per year and an AirportCity with more than 23,000 employees onsite.

Ryanair is second largest carrier at Flughafen Wien – Vienna Airport with 19 based aircraft (Buzz, Lauda Europe, Malta Air) operating 80 routes, adding four new routes to Olbia, Rijeka, Split and Tirana for Summer 2024.

Ryanair’s traffic volumes in Austria will increase by 15% to 7 million passengers in Summer 2024, compared to pre-Covid numbers. In 2023, Ryanair more than doubled its pre-Covid traffic volume (from 2.7 million to 6 million in 2023), achieving by far the fastest recovery in Austria.

Ryanair Spokesman and Laudamotion CEO Andreas Gruber stated Andreas Gruber said “We congratulate Vienna Airport on its 70th anniversary. As Vienna’s fastest growing airline, Ryanair is pleased to play a significant role in Vienna Airport’s growth story by offering 80 Ryanair routes, including our new Olbia, Split and Tirana routes, and serving 7 million passengers to/from Vienna will be transported in 2024. This record Ryanair schedule is underpinned by our fleet of 19 aircraft based in Vienna, representing a $2 billion investment and supporting more than 600 local jobs, underlining Ryanair’s commitment to Vienna. Ryanair looks forward to continuing to work with Vienna Airport to further promote traffic growth, routes and the lowest airfares in Europe for Viennese residents and visitors.”

Image Credit: Julian Jäger Joint Chief Executive Officer at Flughafen Wien – Vienna Airport/Linkedin

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