Luxair and SCR20 announced that they have entered a strategic partnership in the UK and Irish markets.

SCR20 Director, Simon Cook, commented ‘I am excited to back working with the Luxair team and working for a brand I firmly believe in. I previously worked for Luxair between 2003 and 2007 so I feel like I am coming home.’

Luxair currently operates from Luxembourg to Dublin four times per week using a Bombardier Q400 with a capacity of 76 seats  and London City six times per day. SCR20 headed by Simon Cook, is charged with driving and reinforcing Luxair’s sales and market presence in the UK and Irish markets by liaising directly with Corporate clients, Business Travel Agents, Tour Operators and OTAs, aimed to grow Luxair business in both markets.

The carrier recently stated in its 2022 Outlook that “Although operations have not yet returned to pre-Covid-19 levels, 2022 looks promising for Luxair, and in particular for LuxairTours, which is seeing an increase in bookings, reflecting the strong desire of travellers to escape. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions still in place, Luxair is not discouraged and is expanding its network of destinations. In mid-2022, the airline will add 4 more destinations than in 2021, bringing the number of destinations to 89 for the first time in its history.”

Image Credit: Luxair

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