In 2023 over 20,000 thousand Australian Visa’s issued to Irish people and many more family and friends taking the opportunity to visit Australia, it’s no wonder that Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are in Emirates’ top ten list of most popular destinations.

Emirates operates two daily Boeing 777-300(ER) service from Dublin to Dubai with convenient flight connections to  to five destinations in Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney).

As with hundreds of Australians working with Emirates as cabin crew, Ashleigh Mehmed from Melbourne in Australia shares her top tips and insights for Irish people considering emigrating to or visiting this Southern Hemisphere continent.

Climate and weather: If you’re planning to travel between states, be prepared for the diverse climate of Australia, you might depart one region in winter and land in another on the same day with the autumn leaves crunching underfoot, pack according to the weather conditions of your chosen destinations.

Cost of living: Research the cost of living in different Australian cities to manage your budget – and your expectations. The average price of a medium, basic coffee is about $5 across the country which is around €3, not bad value at all. When it comes to accommodation, the median rental price of a one-bedroom apartment in Sydney is $750 – marginally less expensive than Dublin prices.

Cultural adaptation: With so many Irish living in Australia, it can be very easy to stay within your comfort zone and seek out familiar faces and accents from home. And while Ashleigh says she has lots of Irish friends, she encourages them all to embrace the cultural diversity of Australia and to be open to new experiences, and new people. “Generally speaking, we Aussies are very easy going and get on really well with the Irish,” says Ashleigh. “We are known for our ‘no worries’ attitude and when travelling, I think part of the fun is meeting new people and visiting incredible places, expanding cultural horizons and social circles.”

Healthcare and insurance: Ireland and Australia have a reciprocal health care agreement (RHCA) where residents from Ireland who hold a valid visa are eligible for ‘medically necessary’ treatment as a public patient, including both inpatient and outpatient care and subsidised prescription drugs through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Networking and community: While Ashleigh says it’s important to make new connections, there’s equally a lot to be said for building a strong support network by connecting with fellow Irish expatriates and clubs in Australia. Many Irish discover a new sense of home and community by joining GAA clubs down under. There’s a comforting familiarity about a GAA Club 10,000 miles away, but also something new and exciting, particularly when playing with the sun on your back.

Visa requirements: The first step for anyone planning a trip to Australia is to checkout its Department of Home Affairs website for all entry and eligibility requirements. Whether travelling for work or for pleasure, you must have a visa to enter Australia. There are different types of visa so it’s important to apply for the one that matches your plans. Don’t assume you can work, even part-time, if travelling on holiday or student visa and give yourself plenty of time to make the application. In addition, make sure your passport has a minimum validity of six months. Passport cards will not be accepted cautions Ashleigh.

Image Credit: Grayling/Sherry Communications

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