Dublin based European Aviation Wellbeing Committee and BeFit2Fly Ltd represented by Valentina Fitzpatrick and Andrea Biundo respectively, proudly announce establishing a partnership agreement between the two organisations. Both entities share the vision of providing pilots with professional support to successfully manoeuvre the current crisis in the
aviation industry.
BeFit2Fly serves pilots, aviation professionals as well as frequent travellers by providing in depth training and support in physical fitness and nutrition. BeFit2Fly’s support system is tailored around the unique requirements that both aviators and business travellers are facing on a daily basis. 
The European Aviation Wellbeing Committee is a non-profit organisation and has the sole purpose of discussing, analysing and proposing practical & sustainable wellbeing solutions specific to the Aviation industry. The Committee works in co-ordination with both EASA and a variety of industry partners, to manage, develop, and implement tailored proposals in support of Airlines & Aviation Wellbeing Programs.
The European Aviation Wellbeing Committee and BeFit2Fly are both covering physical and mental health aspects as part of our respective programs on different levels. 
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