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Emirates is seeking Ireland’s best pilots to join the world’s largest international airline. The pilot roadshows, the first to be held in more than three years in Ireland, will take place in Dublin on 19 and 20 August as the airline looks to recruit experienced pilots.

The roadshow is an opportunity to secure a rewarding and exciting career with Emirates and for potential candidates to learn about the recruitment process, to meet current Emirates flight crew.

The three roadshows will be held at the Clayton Hotel Charlemont, Charlemont Street, Dublin 2

  • Saturday, 19th August at 10am
  • Saturday, 19th August at 1pm
  • Sunday, 20th August at 10am

The benefits and remuneration package, which include:

  • Accommodation in a three or four-bedroom villa
  • Annual leave and annual leave tickets for pilots and their eligible family
  • Education allowance for children between the ages of 4 and 19
  • Eligibility for profit share
  • Chauffeur-driven limo service between home in Dubai and airport while on duty
  • Life and Accident, Medical and dental insurance
  • Unlimited concessional travel benefits for pilots and their family; discounted tickets for friends
  • Tax-free salary

The Emirates Platinum card offers employees thousands of exclusive offers and discounts from hundreds of retail, leisure, service, and hospitality brands in the UAE and globally.

Emirates’ pilots complete robust, evidence-based and competency-based training programmes in-house with highly skilled instructors in specially designed environments. The airline’s cutting-edge training facility houses 10 full-flight simulators for Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s.The airline is investing US$135 million in building a new, highly advanced pilot training facility spanning 63,318sq.ft, set to open in March 2024. The facility will house 6 more full-flight including the A350-900 and Boeing 777-9 aircraft

Image Credit: Emirates

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