Dublin based ASL Aviation Holdings is the largest global operator of the Boeing 737-800F/BCF type series with 56 in service and a further 40 on order, replacing existing  Boeing 737-400F’s. The aircraft will be allocated to ASL’s airlines in Ireland, Belgium and France in Europe and joint venture airlines in Asia.

The aircraft are operated for global integrators, postal and e-commerce companies including Amazon, Fedex and Teleport, under long term contracts, according aircraft data website planespotters.net

ASL Aviation Holdings Chief Executive Dave Andrew said, “The Boeing 737-800BCF aircraft has proven itself to be an excellent fit with our customer and operational requirements throughout our European network of 100 airports. The 737-800BCF offers increased reliability and performance, and equally its lower fuel burn reduces our environmental footprint. This is very important to ASL as an aviation group committed to environmental sustainability in aviation”.

The Boeing 737-800BCF is based on the Next-Generation 737 passenger aircraft. The aircraft is capable of carrying up to 23.9 tonnes (52,800 pounds) and flying up to 2,000 nautical miles (3,750 kilometres).  The aircraft is equipped with blended winglets to enhance fuel efficiency and flight performance with up to 20% lower fuel use and CO2 emissions per tonne. The Boeing 737-800BCF fleet has already logged more than 70,000 flights, with average utilization of seven hours per day according to Boeing.

Image Credit: ASL Aviation Holdings

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