Cityjet RJ85 

Europe’s leading regional carrier Cityjet based in Dublin, Ireland, operating a fleet of Avro and Bombardier aircraft on wet lease services across the continent Europe has scaled back its British Avro RJ85 fleet with the disposal of three aircraft leaving 10 units in the fleet.

Over the last couple of months the carrier has disposed of three RJ85 aircraft to Aero-Flite (US) and Conair Aviation Ltd (Canada) . Aero-Flite based in Spokane, Washington and its Canadian subsidiary Conair Aviation Ltd  based in Abbotsford, British Columbia has been in the Aerial Firefighting since 1963 and 1969 respectively has operated Boeing B-17s, C-54 and DC-4s, CL-215s, Viking CL-415 and Avro RJ85.

Conair can reconfigure RJ85 aircraft for use in aerial firefighting holding supplemental type certificates (STC) for modification of aircraft into aerial firefighting role.

Aero-Flite and Conair Aviation stated the RJ85 has capabilities that are well suited to fire fighting with excellent slow speed flight characteristics and true airspeeds in excess of 300 knots.

The ability to do quick turnarounds and strong performance at the fire with its excellent maneuverability, high rate of climb and turning performance. The RJ85 can deliver 11,355 litres or 3,000 US gallons at maximum tank capacity.

According to German Aviation Skyliner Aviation lists the Cityjet RJ85 aircraft that were ferried to Canada.

EI-RJX RJ85 MSN 2372 Cityjet Delivered Dublin-Keflavik-Kangerlussuaq-Iqaluit-Churchill-Abbotsford on 21 April to become N403AC Aero-Flite.  This aircraft was painted in “Leinster Rugby” special colours.

EI-RJT RJ85 MSN 2366 Cityjet Ferried Dublin-Keflavik on 21 May on delivery to Aero-Flite.

EI-RJH RJ85 MSN 2345 Cityjet Ferried Dublin-Reykjavik-Kangerlussuaq-Iqaluit on 16 February.

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