Growing traffic at Dublin Airport 

Irish Aviation Authority reported (13th December) reported a surge in year-on-year air traffic growth in virtually all areas En-route traffic increased by 2.6% and North Atlantic Communications increased by 4.4%, as total flights in Irish airspace increased 2.5% with an average of 1283 daily flights during the month.

The IAA is encouraged by the recent strong performance by air traffic across the North Atlantic and believes that it is indicative of a sustained and continuing recovery.

The performance of Shannon and Cork is mixed with Shannon commercial traffic growing by 1.8% in November (down 1.7% for the full year so far) and Cork dropping by 6.6%.

Irish Aviation Authority CEO Eamonn Brennan said “2013 has been a mixed year for our airline customers. On the one hand, Dublin Airport has had a very good year with the opening of a number of new routes and we believe it will close the year up by over 4% on 2012. The position of Shannon and Cork, however, remains tough.”

Mr Brennan added “Conditions are improving in the domestic economy and we are confident that Irish air traffic will continue to grow in 2014.”

The figures for individual state airports are as follows for November:

Cork Airport: -6.6%

Dublin Airport: +6.0%

Shannon Airport: +1.8%.

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