Courtesy: Speedtwin 

The remarkable new twin-engined utility Aircraft, “The Speedtwin” maiden Irish flight demonstration at Shannon Airport took place this afternoon, the event was brought forward to due adverse weather conditions forecast for tomorrow.The Speedtwin offers impressive operating capabilities with its twin-engined and tandem seating configuration.

The Speedtwin has been flight-tested and issued with a UK Civil Aviation Authority Permit. All official test flying programmes were completed in April 2011 resulting in the Speedtwin being the world’s only civil twin-engined aircraft cleared for intentional spinning. In July 2012 the Speedtwin participated in the daily aerobatic flying display at the Farnborough International Air Show.

Welcoming the aircraft and attending the demonstration, the chairman of Shannon Airport, Rose Hynes, said “Shannon with its unique pioneering aviation spirit and history is a very appropriate setting to stage The Speedtwin’s inaugural Irish flights. “Shannon, as leaders also in the development of an International Aviation Services Centre in the region, is very pleased to host the Speedtwin visit and keen to engage with innovators in aviation across the industry spectrum.”

With applications such as border patrol, search and rescue, pipeline and wire inspection, police patrols and other utility services, The Speedtwin offers high performance and twin-engined safety at a very competitive cost. Its remarkable landing and take-off envelope of 100 meters in any reasonably flat terrain, makes The Speedtwin uniquely suitable for remote applications also.

Speedtiwn Specifications and Peformance:

 Maximum level speed: 216 mph

Maximum demonstrated speed: 264 mph

Take off run: 100 m (estimated)

Ultimate stress limits: +9G/-4.5G

Payload: 1,150 lbs (estimated)

Range: 900 nautical miles (1,700 km)

Single engine loiter: 8.5+ hours (estimated)

Rate of climb: >2,000 ft/min

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