SAS Airlines Ireland Ltd Airbus A320-251N EI-SIC MSN 7979 has been re-registered to parent company as SE-DYM at Copenhagen on 14 October.

The carrier operates a total of six Airbus A320-251N registered as EI-SID, EI-SIE, EI-SIF, EI-SIG, EI-SIH and EI-SII. 

The airline announced the successful implementation of OpenAirlines’ SkyBreathe® eco-flying solution to pursue their commitment to sustainable development. From system data points versus actual flown the airline benefits from an accurate and deep understanding of fuel usage through all phases of flight to implement the most efficient procedures without compromising safety.

Eoin O’Malley, Flight Operations Manager at SAS Ireland said “As part of SAS Group, SAS Ireland has many initiatives in motion to lower its CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts. To go further, we needed to have a better understanding of our fuel consumption, that’s why we selected SkyBreathe®. The software will be a great asset to help us achieve our goals.”

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