Ryanair Boeing 737-800

Ryanair’s Polish subsidiary Ryanair Sun is planning ambitious fleet expansion increasing from 5 to 16 aircraft this winter and 23 in Summer 2019 with 15 Boeing 737-800 aircraft to be transferred from the parent Irish AOC joining the single aircraft SP-RSA currently on the Polish AOC.

Ryanair Sun will dedicate 10 Boeing 737-800 to charter and 15 to scheduled operations.
The carrier will gradually roll out scheduled services from Ryanair’s Polish bases in Gdansk, Katowice and Warsaw Modlin, Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznan.

The carrier registered strong growth carrying 700,000 passengers in Summer 18 season and is currently negotiating a wider charter programme for Summer 2019 with Poland’s leading tour operators.

According to Skyliner Aviation three aircraft transferred this week:

SP-RSN Boeing 737-800 c/n 44798 Ryanair Sun Ferried London Stansted-Poznan 08/11/18 on transfer ex EI-FZY.

SP-RSO Boeing 737-800 c/n 44796 Ryanair Sun Ferried London Stansted-Poznan 07/11/18 on transfer ex EI-FZZ.

SP-RSP Boeing 737-800 c/n 44797 Ryanair Sun Ferried London Stansted-Poznan 08/11/18 on transfer ex EI-GDA.

Credit to John Dyer NLSPOT Yahoo list further transfers are due to be:

SP-RSB (44832/6934 ex EI-GJV)
SP-RSC (44843/6945 ex EI-GJW)
SP-RSD (44845/6957 ex EI-GJX)
SP-RSE (44839/6959 ex EI-GJY)
SP-RSF (44840/6964 ex EI-GJZ)
SP-RSG (44841/6967 ex EI-GSA)
SP-RSH (44842/6971 ex EI-GSB)
SP-RSI (44844/6977 ex EI-GSC)
SP-RSK (44847/7137 ex EI-GSD)
SP-RSL (44850/7141 ex EI-GSF)
SP-RSM (44791/6418 ex EI-FZX)
SP-RSR (44799/6601 ex EI-GDB)

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