Ryanair has submitted a proposal to the Italian Government that could see it increase its Italian traffic from 24 million to 37 million passengers by 2016 subject to lowering airport taxes and other additional costs, especially municipal taxes. The key elements of the plan include increasing traffic from 24 million passengers in 2012 to 37 million in 2016, the opening of new routes in Campania and Sicily regions and opening of five new bases, and to encourage all airlines to rise above the levels of existing traffic.

Ryanair Deputy CEO Michael Cawley stated “Ryanair is offering to increase traffic and tourism Italians providing 13 million passengers per year, as it will increase our traffic in Italy to 37 million passengers per year by 2016.

These passengers will create and sustain more than 37,000 jobs on site and provide over 5.5 billion euro in tourist revenue to the Italian economy each year. We believe that working with Ryanair the government can increase traffic and tourism quickly because tourism is one of the few sectors that respond instantly to stimuli, growth and Ryanair guarantees in exchange for a lower cost for the passengers”.

The Ryanair Italian Tourism Proposal is the third made by Ryanair to Goverments across Europe. In September 2010 it made an formal offer to Irish Government to grow passengers numbers by 6 million passengers over a five year period at Cork, Dublin and Shannon Airports. In February it made an offer to the Spanish government to grow from 38 million to 58 million passengers over a four year period.

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