Norwegian Air Shuttle has introduced this special “Wireless Internet on Board” on its Boeing 737-8JP/W LN-DYU c/n 39008 on the side of the fuselage the airline has inscribed all of the things you can do with this new onboard service. The aircraft visited Dublin Airport this afternoon operating NAX3606/7 from and to Copenhagen.

Norwegian has launched the first airline onboard service that makes it possible for a passenger to rent a wide selection of movies and TV shows on board. The service is available on the 60 aircraft that has the Internet installed.

Norwegian’s Internet service has given the travelers a sea of ​​possibilities: reading and writing email, update Facebook status, read the news and check the weather at the arrival destination. Norwegian passengers can now rent movies and TV shows directly to their e-reader, smart phone or laptop device on Norwegian’s 60 aircraft that are equipped with wireless Internet. Norwegian is the first airline in Europe to offer this service.

What the new service offers:

  • 40 films and 130 TV programs
  • Streamed directly to the passenger’s e-reader, smartphone or laptop
  • Streamed on a separate network on board so it does not affect the Internet speed for other passengers
  • €7 for hiring of 1 film
  • €7 for free access to all television programs for 24 hours

Passengers can access:

  • Log in to Norwegian’s wireless network board
  • Choose entertainment portal for movies and TV shows
  • Select movies and TV shows
  • Pay with a debit or credit card

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