Image: Paul Doyle 

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) today announced a total of 497,859 flights used Irish controlled airspace in 2012, representing a 0.31% increase on the flights in 2011.

There were a total of 196,566 commercial terminal traffic movements for Cork, Dublin and Shannon Airports in 2012, up 0.3% on 2011 stating Traffic growth levels over the past five months, particularly at Dublin Airport, are promising.  
The commercial terminal traffic figures for the three State airports were:
Cork Airport: 21,784 flights -1.8% on 2011.
Dublin Airport: 156,582 flights +1.4% on 2011.
Shannon Airport: 18,200 flights -5.58% on 2011.
There were 301,293 en route movements in 2011 (flights that pass through Irish airspace but do not land), up 0.3% on 2011 and traffic served by the North Atlantic Communications Centre in 2012 totaled 400,480, down 0.76% on 2011.
Irish Aviation Authority CEO Mr Eamonn Brennan said “2012 proved to be a profoundly challenging year for the global aviation industry and the IAA has worked hard to reduce costs for our airlines customers. In particular, terminal air traffic control fees were reduced by 21% in 2012 and are reduced by a further 4.1% in 2013. 
Our en route fees were reduced by 8.9% in 2012 and are further reduced by 6.3% in 2013. Ireland’s air traffic control charges continue to be amongst the most competitive in Europe. Our Safety Regulation fees have also been frozen since 2008, a position we intend to maintain through 2013.
2013 will be another tough year for the aviation industry in Ireland but there are signs that a return to more consistent growth in Ireland’s air traffic will emerge “.


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