AT-6 Texan

A documentary is currently in production on Nancy Corrigan, one of the first female pilots. A County Mayo woman who in 1929, at 17 years of age, emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio, with only a basic education and went on to become one of the first women pilots. She trained air cadets for the US Military during World War II. Nancy also took part in Air Races. She was the second woman ever to gain a commercial pilot’s licence.

Her plane was an AT-6 Texan. I am keen to make contact with an owner of such a plane so that we can re-enact on camera some scenes of Nancy training air cadets etc. Ideally we would love to locate a female pilot who can fly an AT-6, or similar. We would ideally like to film this in Cleveland, Ohio, but are flexible.

Any help or leads or contacts who can help would be appreciated email

Bernadette, assistant producer

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