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EI-DST Airbus A320-216 c/n 3532 Air Berlin Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Dublin 03/01/15 to become D-ABZA.

EI-DUC Boeing 757-256 c/n 26248  I-Fly Ferried Moscow Vnukovo-Keflavik 19/01/15 on return to lessor.

EI-FGR Airbus A319-131 c/n 2308 SMBC Aviation Capital Ferried Johannesburg -Lagos-Loudres 08/01/15 ex ZS-SFF.

EI-ONJ Airbus A320-214 c/n 4203 Air Contractors Ferried Malta-Vilinus 21/01/15 after storage in Afriqiyah colours.

EI-FIA Boeing 737-8AS/W c/n 44691 Ryanair due for delivery.

EI-FIB Boeing 737-8AS/W c/n 44692 Ryanair due for delivery.

EI-IXI Airbus A321-112 c/n 494 Alitalia Ferried Rome Fiumicino-Dublin-Kemble 12-13/01/15 in basic retro colours for part-out & scrap.

EI-STH Boeing 737-429(F) c/n 25729 Air Contractors Ferried Leipzig-Shannon 03/01/15 for painting into full colours.

N347DC Boeing 737-8GJ/W c/n 37361 BBAM A/c Leasing & Management Ferried London Southend-Ostrava 07/01/15 for painting.

N720AP Airbus A320-214 c/n 1072 SASOF Aviation Ireland Ferried Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport-Barnaul Airport-Minsk International Airport-Shannon-St Athan 20-26/12/14 in China Eastern colours.

N836TM Boeing 737-36N c/n 28563 XtrAirways registered 26/12/14 at Tucson prior delivery ex EI-ERD.

TC-CPR Boeing 737-8GJ/W c/n 34905 Pegasus Airlines Delivered Istanbul-Antalya 31/12/14 ex EI-FGC.

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