Josh Stewart (Founding Chairman), Dave Scully (Founding Vice-Chairman), and Joe Buckley (Founding Executive Director) have announced the launch of, the official website of the Irish Business & General Aviation Association. A collaborative online platform, has been created to keep IBGAA members and the wider business and general aviation community updated on relevant industry-related news and announcements. is a connecting point for the industry and serves as a trusted source of vital information on all national, European and worldwide business and general aviation-related developments and innovations, as well as live data, statistics and analytics provided by WINGX. 

“We are delighted to officially launch – another hugely important milestone for Irish business and general aviation. Since co-founding IBGAA in September 2020, Dave Scully, Joe Buckley and I have been working to develop and strengthen our relationships with EBAA, CEBAA, IBAC, and the relevant Irish authorities, to establish strategic partnerships at national, European and international levels.

“The launch of is the next vital step forward in this process, and we are confident that it will serve as an invaluable online platform for our association, one that positively impacts our ongoing efforts to grow our community, our industry, and our global reach. By doing so, it will help to make a real difference and incite positive change across the entire Irish business and general aviation landscape, while also benefiting ancillary sectors such as tourism and hospitality,” says Josh Stewart, Founding Chairman of IBGAA.

A national association with an international reach, IBGAA is committed to playing a pivotal role in shaping the long-term growth, success and sustainability of the business and general aviation industry, both in Ireland and across the globe.

Its collective ability to do so is strengthened by its position as one of 15 member-associations making up the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), which represents the interests of business aviation around the world. Furthermore, IBGAA’s membership in the Council of European Business Aviation Associations (CEBAA) enables its members to guide industry projects that have an impact at national and European levels.

As an outward-looking, all-Ireland association, IBGAA is committed to promoting the island of Ireland as a centre of excellence for business and general aviation, aircraft leasing, charters, and finance. It is therefore the board’s mission to build upon the solid foundations already in place, to continuously facilitate engagement, participation and collaboration across the industry. This, in turn, will further establish Ireland as not only an appealing destination to visit, but also a hub for business and trade in Europe.

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