The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) it had a record profit performance in 2012 with operating profits up 27% to €22.9 million on revenues of €175 million with total assets of €213.1 million a dividend of €5 million was paid to the government.

Irish Aviation Authority CEO Eamonn Brennan said “the IAA is a safe, innovative company recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for our safety oversight performance and by airline customers as being responsive to their operational requirements. We are placed 3rd in Europe for safety oversight by the ICAO and we received a 91% customer satisfaction rating in 2012. The IAA is well positioned for future development and success”.

The Irish Aircraft register stood at almost 1,200 aircraft with a significant growth of 34% since 2009 in large aircraft due to consistent development of the large carriers and the Irish based aircraft leasing industry.

In 2012, the IAA provided ATM services to over 300,000 en-route flights and almost 200,000 terminal flights as well as communications services to 400,000 flights on the north Atlantic. The IAA’s ATM charges are amongst the lowest in Europe and down 8.9% on 2011 for overflights. Charges for airport terminal traffic were down 21% on 2011.

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