Three Irish Registered Boeing 747-400s formerly operated by Russian carriers Rossiya Airlines and Transaero Airlines have been recently de-registered in Teruel, Spain. 

EI-XLG Boeing 747-412 MSN 28025 SB Leasing Ireland Ltd was re-registered on 5th May as N285LM to Tvpx Aircraft Solutions LLC.

EI-XLL Boeing 747-412 MSN 28031 VEBL-767-300 Ltd was re-registered on 4th May as N281GH to Tvpx Aircraft Solutions LLC.

EI-XLN Boeing 747-412 MSN 28029 VEBL-767-300 Ltd according to Skyliner Aviation is to be re-registered as N289GH to Tvpx Aircraft Solutions LLC. According to the FAA Registry N289GH is not assigned/reserved.

The first Boeing 747-400 was rolled out in January 1988, and made its maiden flight on April 1988. Type certification was received on January 1989, and it entered service with Northwest Airlines on February 1989. Boeing has delivered 694 aircraft over 20 years from 1989 to 2009. 

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