A6-EYD Airbus A330-243 Etihad Airways 

A6-EYD Pictured above landing at Dublin Airport courtesy of Tom O’Connor.

This morning Etihad Airways ETD041/48 from Abu Dhabi was operated by A6-EYD Airbus A330-243 (MSN 658) became it’s first aircraft to visit Dublin Airport in new livery. The aircraft operated it’s first service to Manchester last Tuesday 19th May following overhaul and repaint at Etihad Airways Engineering.

Etihad Airways CEO James Hogan said “The striking new livery also continues our commitment to breaking from convention and doing things differently. This is a real divergence from the norms of traditional airline livery design and will stand out in the sky and at every airport we fly to.”

The new livery was created by leading brand consultants Landor Associates in partnership with Etihad Airways, the new livery is inspired by traditional Emirati design patterns, the landscapes of the desert and the geometric shapes found in the modern architecture of Abu Dhabi.

Named ‘Facets of Abu Dhabi’ uses a colour palette which reflects the varying hues of the landscape of the UAE, from the darker sands of Liwa to the lighter colours seen in the Northern Emirates.

Etihad Airways fleet of more than 100 aircraft, as well as those to be delivered, will be painted in the new livery during the next three years. Etihad Airways will take delivery of seven wide-bodied aircraft in 2015 – four Airbus A380s and three Boeing 787-9s and seven narrow-bodied aircraft – one Airbus A320 and six Airbus A321s.


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