Eurocopter International Services (EIS) based in the IFSC Dublin was created in 2010,  a 100% owned subsidiary of Eurocopter and the EADS Group, provides both technical assistance and technical field assistance and consulting services (SMS and QMS).

EIS Field Assistance

Eurocopter International Services Ltd is dedicated to the recruiting, training and management of qualified personnel deployed worldwide on long term missions. EIS’s technical team provides flexible solutions to Eurocopter Customers where adaptability to demand and speed of response are essential. We have over 120 technicians, pilots and logistics field representatives across more than 26 countries. We recently recruited our first two Irish technical representatives and they are now deployed in the field supporting Eurocopter products.

Michel Orsi Head of Field representatives said “EIS are delighted to have their first two Irish Technicians now in the field supporting Eurocopter products and hopes there will be more to follow. It is a great opportunity for a technician to travel the world supporting our products”.

Eurocopter International Services Consulting is mandated with a customer-focused ethic. Our flexible approach, and ability to react quickly to new requirements, means that we are valued by our customers.

Headed up by Mark Fitzgerald the consulting division works closely with its customers enabling it to gain awareness of their ever-changing needs in the areas of regulation, safety, quality management, operations, maintenance, training and costs. It is with this approach and focus we believe that EIS Consulting will provide added value in a safer environment.

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