Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner 

Airlines is moving its European hub from Rome to Dublin Airport
from 10th May it has been confirmed.
move will see Ethiopian transit 10 transatlantic flights per week through Dublin Airport
to destinations in the United States
and Canada
for refuelling on the westbound leg of the journey only.
Airline’s daily Boeing 777 flight from Addis Ababa
to Washington and its three times weekly
Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight from Addis Ababa to
Toronto will stop at Dublin Airport.
it is a transit stop, Ethiopian will not be accepting passengers in Dublin for the onward flights to either Washington
or Toronto. The
refuelling stop is required on Ethiopian’s westbound journeys only, as the high
altitude at Addis Ababa
means aircraft
use more fuel on take-off there.
decision in relation to the transit stops at Dublin comes in advance of
Ethiopian Airlines starting its new three times weekly direct passenger
services from Dublin to Los Angeles and from Dublin to Addis Ababa. These two
new routes are due to commence on 20th June.
Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison said “We are delighted that
Ethiopian Airlines has chosen Dublin
for its European
transit fuel stops
is a significant piece of business for Dublin Airport,
which deepens our relationship with Ethiopian, and creates a solid platform for
potential future business and growth opportunities. A number of other European
airports were bidding for this contract, so it’s particularly pleasing to have
won it.”
Yohannes, Irish Area Manager for Ethiopian’s Airlines said the airline was
looking forward to launching its new routes from Dublin
to LA and Dublin to Addis Ababa in June. “We’re already seeing
strong demand for these services in the Irish market.”

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