Courtesy: Sean Flynn 

The visits of commercially operated UAE registered Boeing 737s to Dublin Airport are extremely rarely. The long absence was broken on Saturday afternoon as A6-ESS Boeing 737-33A construction number 25011 of Eastern Skyjets.

The aircraft was operating a charter flight for Kazakhstan football team, ahead of FIFA World Cup Qualifier between Ireland and Kazakhstan on Tuesday in the Aviva Stadium.

The aircraft is parked on Dublin’s West Apron  is expected to depart in early hours of Wednesday 16th September.

A6-ESS is no stranger to Irish Skies having being previously visited in a number of guises as Aegean Airlines, Cronus Airlines, EuroBelgian Airlines (EBA), and Seagle Air.  The aircraft last visited Dublin Airport as OM-HLB Seagle Air on 26th September 2008.

Eastern SkyJets is a charter airline based in Dubai operating a fleet of Boeing 737s, McDonnell Douglas DC9s and Jetstream 41,  specializing in hostile areas with extensive experience in the Afghanistan theatre.

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