In the era of customers increasingly seeking value for money and airline’s looking for product differential Cityjet has embraced social media firstly by using its Facebook page to engage and interact with customer, through competitions and customer feedback.

It has now taken its social media strategy to the next level using Twitter to launch a new personalized Concierge service which will initially be run on a two hour trial basis from 1400 to 1600 hours Monday to Friday @cityjet to assist passengers with their travel related queries on their route network, it will enhance the customer experience with the Concierge facility to book hotel rooms, restaurant tables and taxi pick up, this will make the Cityjet travel experience a highly unique personalized service.

The launch of the Cityet #Concierge service is a further indication of the increasingly customer demand for product differential in the market, with the carrier having already introduced all-in pricing on the Dublin to London City route. At the height of the Celtic Tiger boom almost the carriers on the Dublin-London route where marketing as low fare carriers, since the advent of the recession of 2008 began to take hold, a number of carriers have returned to their roots with a focus on customer service.

Aer Lingus is embracing IT Technology to drive customer service enhancements mostly recently launching an APP allowing multiple functions including check-in and Flex fares to business passengers. BMI Airlines is re-introducing a hot food service on its short-haul routes in response to customer feedback, with the carrier having had a product differential in the 1990s with its famous Diamond Service.

The recession will no doubt continue to influence the development of customer service as airlines increasingly engage with customers through social media. in a bid to retain market share in an increasingly competitive market place.

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