This evening a Belavia Airlines flight from Minsk arrived in Dublin Airport carrying 145 children from the radiation-affected regions of Chernobyl, as part of the Chernobyl Children International annual airlift.

The Dublin flights today and Sunday 23rd were operated by EW-366PA Boeing 737-31S c/n 29058 (BRU8993) and Shannon flight on 20th June by EW-282PA Boeing 737-3Q8 c/n 26321 (BRU 8991/2).

The children who come from impoverished backgrounds, institutions and foster homes in the heart of the contaminated Chernobyl zone will be hosted by Irish families throughout 11 counties in Ireland as part of CCI’s Summer Rest & Recuperation Programme.

Adi Roche, CEO, CCI, said “Despite the difficult economic circumstances many families find themselves in Ireland, our volunteers have opened their hearts and their homes this summer to children who so desperately need our help. While the Chernobyl accident happened over a quarter of a century ago the consequences last forever. My heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers who offer hope to live to the children who the world has largely forgotten.”

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