Courtesy: Paul Doyle 

Aer Lingus returned EI-FCC Airbus A320-214 construction number 1229 to lessor following summer lease as an stand-by aircraft. The aircraft operated last revenue service on 25th September EIN631 Brussels to Dublin.

The aircraft was operated in an all-white colour scheme with Aer Lingus decals applied.

During the summer months Aer Lingus maximized the aircraft for publicly applying Aer Lingus #socialjet decals highlighting its presence on social platforms Facebook and Twitter generating considerable online interest across Europe and further afield.

In early October the aircraft was noted outside Dublin Aerospace hangar with Aer Lingus decals removed and registration N218NV applied.

According to FAA’s registry website N218NV status is described as ‘Assigned’.The aircraft is destined for US low-cost carrier Allegiant Air.

The delay in official registration is due to the US Government shutdown of the Office of Aircraft registry, which is responsible for conducting title searches, registering liens and assigning N-Numbers.

Senators in an open letter urged the FAA to re-open Aircraft registry office adding “[T]he Anti-deficiency Act provides the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the FAA with the necessary authority to staff the Registry because it helps provide vital protection to human life and property. Maintaining this database is necessary for the U.S. to fulfill its ongoing international legal obligations under the Chicago Convention and the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment relating to the registration of aircraft.”

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