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Today marks the 100th day of Boeing 777-300ER operations on the Emirates Airlines Dubai to Dublin route, so far 36 different aircraft have been used on the route including newly delivered aircraft as the airline continues to grow it’s global route network. Emirates Airlines is the largest global operator of the Boeing 777 aircraft.

The Dublin route launch has been one of the most successful in the history of the airline with load factors in excess of 90% lead to the annoucement to upgrade to route a Boeing 777-300ER effective 1st July just three weeks after commencing the route on  9th January with a 52% increase in capacity, however such was the strong demand on the route the carrier accelerated the introduction of the Boeing 777-300ER on the route from the 1st  July to 1st May.

Picture: Irish Aviation Research Institute/@IrishAero


The Emirates Airlines VP Commerical Operations Europe & Russian Federation Salem Obaidall stated “Dublin is exceeding our expectations much faster than was predicted and we need more seats to satisfy demand, a bigger aircraft means more good news for the Irish economy. We can bring extra visitors to the country and carry additional cargo” (Emirates Airlines PR 30th January).

On Saturday 5th May saw Boeing’s 1000th Boeing 777 A6-EGO visit Dublin operating Emirates Airlines Dubai – Dublin service (EK161/162) just five days after the service was upgraded from Airbus A330-200  to Boeing 777-300. The aircraft was first flown on 6th March 2012 and delivered to the Dubai based airline on 20th March 2012 construction number 35598/1000, the aircraft is decorated with large “1000th 777” titles (Elevationair)

A Dedicated Emirates Ailines Dublin Boeing 777 Facebook page monitors aircraft used on the route on daily basis with strong interest from the public seeing the Boeing 777 in Dublin.  A special thanks goes to Paul Bannon for providing the list below.


A6-EBC 1st May-1st Visit
A6-ECN 2nd May-1st Visit
A6-EGJ 3rd May-1st Visit
A6-EGD 4th May-1st Visit
A6-EGO 5th May -1st Visit new aircraft “1000th 777” titles
A6-EBN 6th May-1st visit
A6-ECK 7th May-1st visit
A6-EBN 8th May-2nd visit previous on 6th May
A6-EGP 9th May-1st Visit new aircraft
A6-EGM 10th May-1st visit
A6-EBM 11th May-1st visit
A6-EGO 12th May-2nd visit previous on 5th May
A6-EGP 13th May-2nd visit
A6-EGP 14th May-3rd visit previous on 9/13
A6-EGD 15th May-2nd Visit previous on 4th May
A6-EBJ 16th May-1st visit
A6-EGG 17th May-1st visit
A6-EGO 18th May-3rd visit previous on 5/12
A6-EGQ 19th May-1st visit
A6-EBM 20th May-2nd visit
A6-EGM 21st May-2nd visit
A6-EGQ 22nd May- 2nd visit previous 19th
A6-EBI 23rd May-1st visit
A6-EGM 24th May-3rd visit previous on 10/20th
A6-EBW 25th May-1st visit
A6-EBN 26th May-3rd visit
A6-EGO 27th May-4th visit
A6-EGO 28th May-5th visit previous on 5/12/18/27th
A6-EBG 29th May-1st visit
A6-EGG 30h May-2nd visit previous on 17th
A6-EGP 31st May-4th visit previous on 9/13/14th


A6-ECL 1st June-1st visit
A6-ECW 2nd June-1st visit
A6-EGQ 3rd June-3rd Visit 3rd visit previous on 19/22nd May
A6-ECR 4th June-1st visit
A6-EBL 5th June-1st visit
A6-EGM 6th June-4th visit
A6-EGO 7th June-6th visit
A6-EGM 8th June-5th visit
A6-EGP 9th June-5th visit
A6-ECO 10th June-1st visit
A6-EGA 11th June-1st visit
A6-EGD 12th June-2nd visit
A6-EGP 13th June-6th visit
A6-EGJ 14th June-1st visit
A6-ECT 15th June-1st visit
A6-EGJ 16th June-2nd visit
A6-EGD 17th June-3rd visit
A6-EGK 18th June-1st Visit
A6-EBM 19th June-3rd visit
A6-ECW 20th June-3rd visit
A6-EGJ 21st June-3rd visit
A6-EBD 22nd June-1st visit
A6-EBA 23rd June-1st visit
A6-EGM 24th June-6th visit
A6-EBZ 25th June-1st visit
A6-EBL 26th June-2nd visit
A6-EGQ 27th June-4th visit
A6-EGR 28th June-1st visit
A6-ECW 29th June-4th visit
A6-EBG 30th June-2nd visit


A6-EGD 1st July-4th Visit
A6-EGT 2nd July-1st Visit (New aircraft)
A6-EGK 3rd July-1st Visit
A6-EGN 4th July-1st Visit
A6-EGO 5th July-7th Visit
A6-EGJ 6th July-4th Visit
A6-EBD 7th July-2nd Visit
A6-EGT 8th July-1st Visit
A6-EBB 9th July-1st Visit
A6-EBM 10th July-4th Visit
A6-EBB 11th July-2nd Visit
A6-EGD 12th July-5th Visit
A6-EGL 13th July-1st Visit
A6-EBE 14th July-1st Visit
A6-EBJ 15th July-2nd Visit
A6-EGF 16th July-1st Visit
A6-EBM 17th July-5th Visit
A6-EGT 18th July-3rd Visit
A6-EBG 19th July-3rd Visit
A6-EGN 20th July-2nd Visit
A6-EBE 21st July-2nd Visit
A6-EGJ 22nd July-5th Visit
A6-EGD 23rd July-7th Visit
A6-EBM 24th July-6th Visit
A6-EBS 25th July-1st Visit
A6-EGU 26th July-1st Visit
A6-EGW 27th July-2nd Visit
A6-EGK 28th July-2nd Visit
A6-EGL 29th July-2nd Visit
A6-EGQ 30th July-5th Visit
A6-EBE 31st July-4th Visit


A6-EGP 1st August-7th Visit
A6-EGR-2nd August-2nd Visit
A6-EGJ 3rd August-6th Visit
A6-EBI 4th August-2nd Visit – Pervious 23rd May
A6-EGQ 5th August-6th Visit
A6-EGP 6th August-7th Visit
A6-EGG 7th August-3rd Visit

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